The WNLR Awards are annual awards held to honour the best performing children in orphanages as well as to promote child education and orphanage philanthropy. The inaugural awards were held on 31st December 2014 on location, at Vine Children’s Home. The number of categories awarded vary from year to year but have ranged between 28 to 31.

The nominations and selection of winners is interactively done by Orphanage staff and WNLR Awards Volunteers. The event is usually attended by Wesbr Foundation and Orphanage collaborators but is open to the general public provided formal request is made.

The awards have an innovative approach to the funding of prizes, award categories are named after the individual or institution funding the category. For instance, if Mirriam Bwalya funds the Child of the Year Category, the Award certificate will read:

‘Mirriam award for Child of the Year’

Other aspects of the awards such as food and logistics are crowd funded. A few weeks before the event, collaborators of the Wesbr Foundation are furnished with the event’s budget and the categories being awarded – to which they pledge and given receipts on honoring the pledges. For transparency and accountability, collaborators are in the aftermath of the event furnished with detailed financial and operations analyses of the event.

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