Orphanages and community schools are typically run on grants and donations. It is not uncommon for orphanages and community schools to close when grants and donations seize. It is also not uncommon for mismanagement to occur in these institutions. Further, accountability is a general problem due to lack of expertise in these institutions. Furthermore, funding to orphanages and community schools is at best intermittent and insufficient when it does come.


The key to solving the highlighted problems is twofold: promote sustainability through enterprise development and accountability through training. The first instance involves developing enterprises from which constant streams of funds can be obtained (see microeconomic empowerment). In the second instance, lean structures coupled with low pay in orphanages and community schools result in a lack of qualified personnel. As such, available personnel needs to be optimized through training to ensure proper accountability and efficient management. The Wesbr Foundation in this regard develops and funds enterprises for these institutions and provides training to its staff, using the open source economics principle.


The primary target are orphanages and community schools, with health posts as secondary targets.

Volunteer Eligibility

The requirements to volunteer in this category are as follows:

Must be 18 years and older;

Must hold a minimum a a diploma or professional experience of at least a year; and

Must not have a criminal record.


Step 1:  The Wesbr Foundation identifies a suitable orphanage or community school to optimize and sets up the necessary structures such as: data rooms, contact persons, acquires permissions and consents;

Step 2:  The Wesber Foundation creates an advert for an orphanage or community school optimization on wesbrfoundation.org or other platform that can be verified on wesbrfoundation.org;

Step 3:  Volunteers fill out the Wesbr Foundation Volunteer form on wesbrfoundation.org or hardcopy;

Step 4:  The Wesbr Foundation evaluates the applications and selects suitable candidates for the project;

Step 5:  The Wesbr Foundation facilitates a workshop or webminar or any orientation mechanism in which volunteers are oriented about the project; and

Step 6:  Volunteers begin the project.


The projects are principally crowd funded but may apply for project specific grants. Fund raising campaigns are initiated when projects are approved, unsolicited funds are nonetheless welcome and will strictly sit on the sustainable management account until a project is identified.