Substance abuse can significantly affect a person’s socio-economic status. Particularly, the individual’s productivity reduces and their drive to succeed reduces. Further, their family is affected due to reduced economic performance, and in some cases destructive behavior on both themselves and family & friends. The foregoing argument can be extended to other types of addictive behavior.


In regard to the foregoing, the Foundation embarks on organizing peer groups to educate people on the dangers of substance abuse. Further, the Wesbr Foundation creates a platform on which support groups such as Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) as well as other similarly designed support groups flourish, all under the supervision of professionals at zero cost.


Rural areas, shanty compounds as well as schools with special focus on alcohol and drug abuse.

Volunteer Eligibility

The requirements to volunteer in this category are as follows:

Must be 18 years and older;

Must have a minimum professional experience of at least 1 year or hold a diploma or higher; and

Must not have a criminal record.


Step 1:  The Wesbr Foundation identifies a substance abuse project in the community and sets up the necessary structures such as: venue, funding – if needed, equipment, acquires permissions and consents;

Step 2:  The Wesber Foundation creates an advert for a substance abuse opportunity on wesbrfoundation.org or other platform that can be verified on wesbrfoundation.org;

Step 3:  Volunteers fill out the Wesbr Foundation Volunteer on wesbrfoundation.org or hardcopy;

Step 4:  The Wesbr Foundation evaluates the applications and selects suitable candidates for the project;

Step 5:  The Wesbr Foundation facilitates a workshop in which volunteers undergo short term training by experts in the fields under focus; and

Step 6:  Volunteers begin the program.


The projects are principally crowd funded but may apply for project specific grants. Fund raising campaigns are initiated when projects are approved, unsolicited funds are nonetheless welcome and will strictly sit on the substance abuse account until a project is approved.