Zambia is strictly speaking not under a free education regime, as such many pupils and students drop out of the education system due to lack of sponsorship.  Specifically, while preschool up to the end of primary school is designed to be free, various out of pocket expenses such as purchase of uniforms, stationery, and registration contributions exist that are known to cause pupils to drop out of school or not enroll in the first place. Further, secondary school (grade 8 up to 12) is not free in any sense, furthermore, tertiary education government scholarships are limited to under 10 percent of an average crop of tertiary enrollments, these scholarships are further localized at the two major learning institutions, the University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University. 


The scholarship initiative under the Wesbr Foundation is a platform on which scholarships are awarded at all four levels of education: preschool, primary school, secondary school and tertiary education. The foregoing scholarships fall under two categories Wesbr Foundation Scholarships and Wesbr Foundation Administered Scholarships. Wesbr Foundation Scholarships are funded by the Foundation while the Administered Scholarships are merely administered on behalf of the sponsoring agency(s) or person(s). Awarding of the scholarships is done by the Wesbr Foundation Board of Trustees in the first instance and the sponsoring agency(s) or person(s) in conjunction with the Wesbr Foundation Board of Trustees in the second instance.


There are four target categories in this initiative, summarized as follows:

School leavers accepted at Universities, Colleges or Trade Schools but lacking sponsorship;

Pupils qualified to begin secondary school but lacking sponsorship;

Pupils looking to enter primary but lacking sponsorship; and

Mothers looking to enroll their children in preschool but lacking sponsorship.

*It is noteworthy that scholarships are awarded at each academic stage and are valid for that stage only, such that a pupil awarded scholarship for secondary school is not guaranteed scholarship for tertiary education.

Scholarship sponsoring

Any agency or individual looking to contribute towards the Wesbr Foundation Scholarship Fund or sponsor a scholarship under the administered scholarship framework can get in touch with us here.


Step 1: The Wesbr Foundation advertises scholarships, including administered scholarships;

Step 2: Applicants submit their applications;

Step 3: The Wesbr Foundation Board of Trustees reviews the applications and short lists some applicants;

Step 4: Shortlisted candidates are given aptitude tests by the Board;

Step 5: Successful candidates in the aptitude tests are interviewed by the Board; and

Step 6: Successful candidates are awarded conditional or unconditional scholarships.


The Wesbr Foundation Scholarships are principally crowd funded, supplemented by project specific grants. Wesbr Foundation Administered Scholarships are funded by the sponsoring agency or person(s). Unsolicited funds are nonetheless welcome and will strictly sit on the scholarship account until a scholarship is approved.