There lacks platforms in many developing countries on which individuals can express systematic thought. Social media has attempted to fill the gap, its nonetheless insufficient in that its uncoordinated. Further, platforms on which intellectuals brainstorm topics are usually reserved for the academia, save for a few sponsored debates. Furthermore, creativity in science and technology is also reserved to the academia through programs such as JETS. This creates a vacuum for individuals not enrolled in the academia but with to develop philosophical or socio-economic ideas as well as accomplish technological innovation.


Premised on love for knowledge; the Wesbr Foundation Philosophy is a platform on which ideas, of whatever form are developed and implemented. This is done through salons, where individuals meet to discuss ideas, through public lectures, design and build expositions as well as writing, design and build competitions. This platform cuts across age, academic background, religious orientation, and all other categorizations.


Undefined, anything and anyone.


Anyone with an idea can suggest and execute it under this platform.


Step 1:  The Wesbr Foundation identifies a philosophy event and sets up the necessary structures such as: venue, equipment, acquires permissions and consents;

Step 2:  The Wesber Foundation creates an advert for participation in the philosophy event on wesbrfoundation.org or other platform that can be verified on wesbrfoundation.org;

Step 3:  Volunteers fill out the Wesbr Foundation Volunteer form on wesbrfoundation.org or hardcopy;

Step 4:  The Wesbr Foundation evaluates the applications and selects suitable candidates that will take lead in the event;

Step 5:  The Wesbr Foundation facilitates a workshop in which participants leading the event undergo orientation by experts in the fields under focus; and

Step 6:  Event occurs.


The events are principally crowd funded but may apply for project specific grants. Fund raising campaigns are initiated when projects are approved, unsolicited funds are nonetheless welcome and will strictly sit on the philosophy account until a project is approved.