Everyone needs a more experienced individual in their preferred career path to guide and inspire them – a mentor. Evidently, pupils and students whose career paths are guided by a mentor generally have higher career trajectories. Further, mentorship programs such as big brother programs are known to enhance emotional, social and spiritual growth. Children in orphanages lack this essential component as they lack active parents or guardians to provide concerned career guidance and counseling. Furthermore, children growing up in low income households sometimes tend to pursue relatively pessimistic career paths.


The mentorship program creates a platform on which pupils and students get a chance of learning from an expert in their preferred field. Further, the program also accommodates a big brother and big sister program under which well vetted individuals ‘adopt’ a child from an orphanage for purposes of social, emotional and spiritual support – provided the ‘child’ and the orphanage management are agreeable.


Anyone looking for the described type of mentor is free to apply by filling out a request for a mentor form on wesbrfoundation.org. Similarly, any individual that wishes to become a mentor may fill out a volunteer form on wesbrfoundation.org.

Volunteer Eligibility

A volunteer in the career mentorship program will have to meet the following requirements:

Must be 21 years and older;

Must be a college/university graduate;

Must have a minimum of 2 years of professional experience; and

Must not have a criminal record.

A volunteer in the big brother and big sister program will have to meet the following requirements:

Must be 18 years and older;

Must be enrolled in a tertiary institution or be a graduate;

Must have a letter of recommendation from a church, or other socially sensitive institution; and

Must not have a criminal record.


Step 1: Volunteers and mentees apply into the respective programs;

Step 2: Wesbr Foundation acquires the relevant consents and processes the necessary clearances;

Step 3: Volunteers and mentees are paired with the guidance of psychology experts and consents are sort from both parties;

Step 4: Wesbr Foundation facilitates a training for Volunteers conducted by experts; and

Step 5: Volunteers and mentees are introduced and the program begins.

*Note that the foregoing is not a cyclical process – volunteers and mentees can apply at any point.


Crowd funded. Project specific funding campaigns may nonetheless be initiated.