Our environment is in danger, now more than ever. In the wake of industrialization and job creation, the need for economic growth needs constant oversight to ensure sustainable environmental use.


The Wesbr Foundation in this regard plays the role of an environmental activist: preventing reckless exploitation of the environment at both micro and macro levels. This activism is attained through conducting environmental research as well as environmental awareness programs.


The primary targets are protection of endangered species, water pollution, air pollution and deforestation.

Volunteer Eligibility

The only requirement is that a volunteer is 18 years and older at the time they take part in a project.


Step 1:  The Wesbr Foundation identifies an environmental need in the community and sets up the necessary structures such as: funding – if needed, equipment, acquires permissions and consents;

Step 2:  The Wesber Foundation creates an advert for an environmental protection opportunity on wesbrfoundation.org or other platform that can be verified on wesbrfoundation.org;

Step 3:  Volunteers fill out the Wesbr Foundation Volunteer form on wesbrfoundation.org or hardcopy;

Step 4:  The Wesbr Foundation evaluates the applications and selects suitable candidates for the project;

Step 5:  The Wesbr Foundation facilitates a workshop in which volunteers undergo short term training by experts in the fields under focus; and

Step 6:  Volunteers begin the program.


The projects are principally funded by project specific grants and crowd funds. Fund raising campaigns are initiated when critical projects are approved, unsolicited funds are nonetheless welcome and will strictly sit on the environmental protection account until a project is approved.