1. When was the Wesbr Foundation founded?

Ans:     April 2013.

  1. How is the Wesbr Foundation funded?

Ans:     Crowd funded and project specific grants.

  1. Does the Wesbr Foundation pay its Volunteers?

Ans:     Not really, no allowances are paid but operational costs may be covered depending on the project.

  1. Does the Wesbr Foundation pay its Management or its Board of Trustees?

Ans:     Management is remunerated when permanent while part-time management and trustees receive project specific allowances.

  1. How does the Wesbr Foundation determine which projects to pursue?

Ans:     Project proposals are interactively prepared by Volunteers and Management for submission to the Board of Trustees, which ultimately determines which projects are pursued.

  1. Is the Wesbr Foundation affiliated to any Church?

Ans:     The Foundation is interdenominational; all religions are welcome.

      7. Is the Wesbr Foundation profit making?

Ans:     No.

       8. Who is eligible to volunteer?

Ans:     Each of the ten project categories has standard minimum requirements for volunteers, specific projects may nonetheless relax or augment the requirements stringent. See Volunteer Eligibility on either of the project categories for an example.

        9. What is a volunteer team?

Ans:     This is a collection of independent volunteers drawn from project specific volunteer applications, brought together to undertake a specific project. Each team is carefully structured to include the relevant skills for the project under focus.