The Wesbr Foundation formerly WNLR, is a non-profit social entrepreneurship initiative established in April 2013, in Lusaka Zambia. Initially focusing on Orphanages and Child Education, the foundation has evolved to focus on ten key areas namely: Child Education, Environmental Protection, Health Awareness, Mentorship, Microeconomic Empowerment, Scholarships, Social Research, Substance Abuse, Sustainable Orphanage Management and, Philosophy.

The foundation is managed by a team of highly skilled professionals on volunteer basis. This Management Team is overseen by a Board of Trustees, the Board is in turn guided by the Foundation’s Charter and Articles of Association.

The institution employs the open source economics principle in most of its operations. Most of the work is conducted by project specific volunteers, each performing only minute tasks, but achieving great strides as a project group. The institution is principally crowd funded, but sometimes applies for project specific grants. For accountability, the Foundation is audited annually by independent auditors.